Saga Clearance


  • $375.00 per Title Search
  • $100.00 Additional Fee for Large Title Searches 
       (Customer will be notified if search is particularly large prior to Initiation of Project.)


  • $1,000.00 -- Average Script Clearance (minimum 51 pages)


  • $10.00 -- per page for Script Clearances (50 pages or less)

Once payment is received, customer can expect to receive report within 5-7 business days.​

Rush Options available upon request.


Work will not begin until payment has cleared. An email will be sent to let client know work has started.

  • FULL REFUND:   No work has begun on project, and needs to be cancelled, request to be in writing from authorized representative or agent.

  • PARTIAL REFUND:   Research has begun, but has not yet been submitted.

  • NO REFUND:       Project has been completed and submitted.


A hold can be put on a project for a period not to surpass two (2) weeks,
 if necessary, and only by written request with no additional cost to client.

At the end of the two (2) week period, an email will be sent to client to ask for a 
status of the project. If no response received within 48 hours of email having been sent, 
project will be considered cancelled and will be returned to client.

If the client cancels while project is on hold, the Refund Policy stated above still applies.